A No Primary Tuesday Morning Thread

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend.  Myself, I’m still a little worn out from driving back from Louisiana.

Unique in many weeks there isn’t any kind of primary contest today.  Nor any until 6/4-5 when the US Virgin Islands and the bankrupt Puerto Rico vote.  Paul RINO has also rammed his Puerto Rico bailout through the house (prototype of his future California and Illinois Bailouts).  Expect this to make it to the Emperor this week.

And yes, it’s a BAILOUT.

One option would be passing the House bill on suspension, which requires a two-thirds majority. It wouldn’t be impossible given Ryan’s prediction that a majority of House Republicans will support the legislation; most Democrats have signaled they’re on board as well. Language affecting Puerto Rico’s minimum wage and keeping a wildlife reserve in federal hands helped cement Democratic support.

But GOP leadership sources said a floor vote isn’t expected until after the weeklong break. Lawmakers want to act before July 1, when the cash-strapped territory is at risk of defaulting on another $2 billion in payments.

Ryan made a handful of strategic moves to ensure some conservatives wouldn’t derail the legislation. In news conferences and statements, the Speaker used his bully pulpit to aggressively refute TV ads from an outside group that blasted the package as a taxpayer “bailout.”

Fuck you Ryan.  We’re going to send you home soon.

Yesterday was the annual Ironton, OH Memorial Day Parade.  The oldest in the country and one of the largest.  I usually go but I didn’t this year.  I’m still recovering from a 1,000 mile drive.  Next year I’ll get pictures 🙂

Happy Back To Work!


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