James O’Keefe catches Katie Couric red-handed

Our intrepid patriot’s at it again, and this time in response to an absurd yet growing tactic used by the mainstream media and the left (but I repeat myself) – accusing people like James O’Keefe (and David Daleiden) of doctoring videos.  But James has always prided himself on keeping his integrity above reproach by releasing the raw video along with his edited version.  Still, the ‘heavily edited’ label seems to be tossed about quite a bit by the lefties.

This time he exposes Katie Couric’s ham-handed attempt to discredit the gun culture, along with a reprimand about who should or shouldn’t be held accountable.

Click the video to watch.

Shots Fired: James O’Keefe Confronts Katie Couric’s Deceptive Editing in Gun Documentary

In this new video, James O’Keefe confronts Katie Couric’s use of deceptive editing in her documentary “Under the Gun”. He explains that you can’t trust the mainstream media when they falsely accuse journalists like O’Keefe of deceptively editing videos, but then actually deceptively edit and manipulate audio to deceive the public.


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