Your votes are being stolen

Lots of complaints from the Utah caucuses and also from Wisconsin about voting machines changing people’s votes after they cast them.  Now we find this story and a video very carefully documented showing the Diebold machines apparently pre-programmed to produce a predetermined result.  Watch the faces on this voting precinct staff as they realize they are doing all this for nothing:


And here’s another video going into a bit more detail.

Hacked for Hillary! Hillary Trump MS-NBC CBS FOX

Watch and take the poll! Don’t let Hillary steal it like she did to Bernie. Expose CNN for the fraud they are! . We have a new campaign for vote machine hacking and media fraud. Forget Bitcoin – What Is the Block Chain and Why Should You Care?

Now people are aware that this is being used to assist Cruz in defeating Trump.


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Here’s what the map of Wisconsin looks like w/ 80% of the vote in. It was NOT a blowout. The #TrumpTrain CONTINUES!

Note that CNN called the race right away.  Yet polls showed Trump in the lead, by a lot.

Rick Wells points out the discrepancies in the video below:

More evidence of the fact that Trump is much more popular with the American people than they are reporting is the fact that the opposition Marxist groups, the George Soros backed, Black Lives Matter and the Democrat candidates, have not chosen to disrupt Cruz or Kasich campaigns. If they were running neck and neck or Cruz were in front, one would expect his rallies to receive some of the same attention. They aren’t, it’s all about stopping Donald Trump for a reason. They’re in on the scam.

Roger Stone has received a torrent of complaints from Utah, Iowa and other states in which the electoral results are odd, to say the least. Now evidence is appearing of a steal and fraud in the works, in real time, in Wisconsin. As the media tells us that Cruz leads Trump by as many as ten percentage points, a closer district by district examination on the website indicates there’s some real funny business taking place. The establishment is determined to make Wisconsin the momentum changer, even if it takes voter fraud to do it.

The video below gives a district by district view of just what the establishment and their media puppets are up to. It’s voter fraud and stealing the election, plain and simple. Why wait until things get messy in Cleveland when they can conduct their dirty deeds from the comfort of Paul Ryan andReince Priebus’ home state?

While the results are taken from a period which began in January, it is well known how fiercely loyal Trump supporters are, in fact it has befuddled every so-called expert. Once a Trump supporter, which most feel is simply a vote in favor of a return to control of their country, they don’t stray. The numbers and the support doesn’t go away once it is earned. Something isn’t right in Wisconsin.

MEDIA LIES: The Real Wisconsin Poll Numbers 4/3/2016

After looking at the polls being reported in main stream media, it is clear they are not only manipulating the poll numbers they are also lying to the American public about the actual support of Donald Trump. The site has an interactive online poll which reports per Congressional District for all of the country’s states.



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