Fred Barnes: Anti-Trumps are Delusional, Trump’s on a Roll

Weekly Standard-An hour before polls closed in five states last night, Our Principles PAC declared that Donald Trump would sweep all five primaries. No worry, the anti-Trump outfit said. “The path to the nomination does not hinge” on any of these outcomes.

Really? Well, the anti-Trump folks had an explanation. The five states “have always been identified” as tough places to stop the Trump juggernaut. So those results – Trump won all five by wide margins – are “neither surprising nor decisive.”

This is delusional. Trump, in fact, is on a roll. A few weeks ago, his campaign was said to be losing speed. He had peaked. Even when he won, his margins of victory were shrinking. And he couldn’t get to 50 percent.

Then he won the New York primary with 60 percent a week ago. Yes, it is his home state. But now he has followed up by capturing Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island in similar blowouts. Bill Hemmer of Fox News said he won every county in all five states.

That his victories were not surprising is an indication of how Trump has taken command of the GOP race. Ted Cruz and John Kasich have become figures in his rear view mirror. The Cruz campaign, after winning in Wisconsin on April 5, has collapsed. Cruz is desperate. He now insists Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton. Only he can. This is not a convincing argument.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Trump said last night. “Absolutely.” I think he’s not quite there. If he wins in Indiana next week, he will be. And he’s in a strong position to take the state. It will take an intervening event – a Trump blunder, say – to hold him back.

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