Member of John Kasich Team Worked to Block Reagan in 1980

Newly-revealed evidence shows that a political team headed up by Stu Spencer, now a top adviser to Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign, was trying to draft former President Gerald Ford to challenge Ronald Reagan for the GOP nomination for President.

Breitbart News has obtained a photograph of an original document from 1980 that has never been made public. It is a form issued by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, and was apparently signed by former President Ford on March 13, 1980. The form was witnessed by former top aide Robert Barrett and future Reagan acting press secretary Larry Speakes, and it declares Ford’s intention to run as a candidate for President in the 1980 Ohio GOP primary.

A source says the document was one of two dozen copies of the same form he personally obtained from the offices of the Ohio Secretary of State in March 1980, transported to Washington, D.C. and gave, unsigned, to a Ford operative. He then received the form, apparently signed by Ford, half an hour later and has kept it unknown to the public for 36 years.

Titled “Consent for Use of Name as First Choice for the Presidency,” it contains the following subtitle “(Several Candidates) Revised Code Sec. 3513.12.” At the very top left in small print it is labeled “Form No. 2-M. Prescribed by the Secretary of State. (11-75).”

The photograph of the original document, provided by our source, is included below.


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