Oculus Rift is Facebook on your Face

Facebook on your face

The Terms Of Service (TOS) for the newly released Oculus Rift 3D VR headset has some very scary things in it (Gizmodo):

  • Information about your interactions with our Services, like information about the games, content, apps or other experiences you interact with, and information collected in or through cookies, local storage, pixels, and similar technologies (additional information about these technologies is available at…);
  • Information about how you access our Services, including information about the type of device you’re using (such as a headset, PC, or mobile device), your browser or operating system, your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and certain device identifiers that may be unique to your device;
  • Information about the games, content, or other apps installed on your device or provided through our Services, including from third parties;
  • Location information, which can be derived from information such as your device’s IP address. If you’re using a mobile device, we may collect information about the device’s precise location, which is derived from sources such as the device’s GPS signal and information about nearby WiFi networks and cell towers; and
  • Information about your physical movements and dimensions when you use a virtual reality headset.’

Furthermore, the information that they collect can be used to directly market products to you:

  • To market to you. We use the information we collect to send you promotional messages and content and otherwise market to you on and off our Services. We also use this information to measure how users respond to our marketing efforts.

I had no idea that Facebook owned Oculus.  This reduces my already nearly zero interest in the product into a negative interest.  Anything Mark Zuckerberg is involved in is going to be pure spyware and used to market every last cent out of you (including the quarters on the eyes of your corpse).

Even worse, the software contains flat out Spyware (UK Guardian):

Oculus, the virtual reality firm which was bought out by Facebook in 2014, is sending the first versions of its consumer headset out to users. But some are already pointing out terrifying parts of the terms of service that people sign up to use it.

When the headset’s software is installed on a computer, it adds a process that allows the PC to watch what the headset is doing and send that back to Oculus. That allows the headset to know when it is being used and turn itself on — but it also allows the company to collect information on people’s head movements and activity and send it back to advertisers.

So, in other words, this is yet another piece of hardware that you pay for, but that you don’t own.

I wonder how the punk Zuckerberg will react when someone writes 3rd party software that runs the Oculus Rift without phoning home to Facebook?  He’ll sue, undoubtedly, since the information being collected from the Oculus Rift is no doubt subsidizing the cost of the hardware.


Written by Constantine XI

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