BILLIONAIRE businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump took another step towards the White House yesterday, as analysts warned a Trump presidency would be a “disaster” for Australia-US relations.

Australian National University political analyst Dr Norman Abjorensen yesterday said: “Even the most impartial observer would think Donald Trump as president is a little bit scary.”

Mr Trump scored victories in three states yesterday, including the big-prize of Florida, as he continued his outspoken and controversial march to the Republican presidential nomination.


“He seems positively allergic to Washington’s military alliances, which is a problem for a US ally such as Australia,” said Dr Fullilove.

Associate Professor Brendon O’Connor from Sydney University’s US Studies Centre said that if Mr Trump became president then “all bets are off regarding US Australia alliance”.

He questioned whether allies would be prepared to take part in military exercises if America had a commander in chief who was more likely to escalate a situation, such as a friendly fire accident, rather than seek a diplomatic solution.

He said Mr Trump’s isolationist views on trade and migration were “an absolute disaster”.

“This is the type of talk you would expect from someone in the 1930s. He is an egomaniac who thinks he can solve all sorts of global problems but what happens when that is not the case? Will he escalate the situation?” he said.


[NOTE: The comments at the article link are quite interesting.  Some of our Aussie brothers seem quite taken with the Donald.]

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