Puerto Rico primary open thread

Puerto Rico

The polls in Puerto Rico have closed, and returns are expected shortly. The ballots will be counted by hand.

No polling has been conducted in the US territory,  but a Rubio win is expected there today. Rubio travelled to the island to meet his supporters on Saturday.

The island has 23 delegates. The contest is proportional, but it has a winner take all trigger at 50% of the vote, so Rubio has a chance today to take all 23 of the delegates. Given how far behind he is, he desperately needs some delegates, so I am sure he is angling to break 50% of the vote.

The only thing worth watching, in my opinion, is whether Trump and Cruz can prevent Rubio from hitting the 50% mark and snag some of Puerto Rico’s delegates for themselves. Given that Mitt Romney took 82.6% of the vote in the 2012 primary, I think this is unlikely.

Decision Desk HQ does a great job of capturing the massive excitement of this critical, edge-of-your-seat primary election:

Decision Desk HQ on Twitter

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UPDATE (Doomberg): With about 65% of the vote in, CNN has called it for Rubio, to no one’s surprise. He did break the winner take all threshold, so he will get all of the territory’s delegates.



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