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A short note on the events of yesterday

Hi, folks. This is meant to be a personal reflection, so no links.

March 11 was a really bad day, for a lot of reasons, but the main one was having to watch the GOP cheer and gloat as their own frontrunner’s rally was attacked by a violent, dangerous mob, and then watch as many people such as Ted Cruz, and blogs we once liked and trusted –  I don’t think I need to name names, here – encourage or make disingenuous excuses for this violence. The proximate excuse we’re hearing from GOP hacks and shills is that a Breitbart reporter was “violently assaulted” at a Trump rally (despite the story now quietly changing to “may have had her arm grabbed”) and that since this is clear evidence of “fascism,” that violence against Trump supporters is now acceptable and even moral. The argument we’re hearing from the MSM is that all this seething “fascism” from Trump erupted into sort of a spontaneous mob event.

If this argument sounds like Hillary blaming a Youtube video for Benghazi rather than the organized attack it actually was, that’s because it is. And now we’re hearing “conservative” media make it along with the MSM.

I’ve been reading the blogosphere since shortly after the events of September 11, 2001. At that time, the blogs were started because of the correct perception the MSM was hopelessly biased and spoke with one voice on major issues – they were seen by many as editorializing and blaming America for the events of September 11. Their readers were fed up with the media spin, and that created a ripe environment for the blogs to grow and thrive as they provided an alternative point of view and helped their readers see through the MSM bias.


Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Many of the original bloggers have gotten “big” and now see themselves as reporters or pundits in their own right, and many of their friends are now in the same social circles the MSM reporters run in. Many are now able to interview important public figures. Guys like Ed Morrissey, for example, now have their own show and publish books. Many of the old bloggers who have been doing this for years have now either become part of the machine they fought or desperately want to join into its ranks too, so they can enjoy the social status and the money. This has, in many cases, led them to conduct mass purges of their own readers to please their leftist friends on Twitter.

My hope for Hot Gas is that we and the few non-GOP blogs left can eventually bring about a new blogging revolution in the media sphere. Just like the blogs once acted as a watchdog against the liberal MSM, so too we need to begin acting as watchdogs against the blogs. Too many of the blogs have become little more than handmaidens to the GOP, parroting conventional wisdom and sneering down at their readers.

Hang in there, folks. This primary season is still going strong, and soon many of us will get to have our say at the ballot box. The screaming mob from last night cheered on by the so-called “conservative” media and the GOP aren’t the only people who get a vote.

UPDATE: Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio

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