Apple dragged before Congress, FBI admits to mistake

I am really not a fan of these Congressional “dog and pony shows”.  As we’ve seen even in areas where Congress has a responsibility to do oversight (Her Thighness and Benghazi for example) they don’t do their jobs, shirk responsibility, and just try to look good for the cameras on CSPAN.

In the case of forcing Apple to defend themselves in front of them while also facing the full POWER AND FURY of the Obama Regime Tyranny in Federal court, I am sickened that they had the gall to do to Apple what they would never do to Obama.

From The Financial Times

Mr Comey admitted that a “mistake” was made in the early days of the investigation when the password to the phone’s iCloud account was reset, although he said that a successful back-up at that time would not have transferred all the data the FBI was looking for.

James Comey, director of the FBI, said that the introduction of enhanced encryption on smartphones was creating a new area of communication and information “that nobody else can get into”, even with a court order.

And this is new?  What did crooks use before smartphones and computers?  Oh, they used paper.  No crook ever burned evidence to prevent it’s discovery did they, it was impossible!

“Our job is simply to tell people there is a problem,” Mr Comey said. “If there are warrant-proof spaces in American life, what does that mean and what are the costs of that?” He added: “The tools we use to keep you safe are becoming less and less effective.”

Hey Jimmy, if the Founding Fathers had intended for law enforcement to be PERFECT and your powers to be ABSOLUTE they wouldn’t have written a Bill of Rights would they?  They would have been fine with government jack-booted Goons just busting down people’s doors in all hours of the night without any restrictions, would they?

In a day and age where the Federal Leviathan progressively (and I use that word on purpose) becomes more and more opaque to the People, it demands TOTAL TRANSPARENCY of the People.  What is the FBI going to rail about next, locks that the Feral Government can’t pick?  Or should door locks be outlawed entirely because a lock that can keep out criminals can certainly keep the average donut scarfing cop out?

Encryption is a right.  We have an absolute right to privacy FROM the government.  And Apple has every right to produce a smartphone that the government can’t hack into.  Security from ISLAMIC TERRORISM isn’t the issue here, the Federal Government ALLOWED Farook and Malik into the country (failing to investigate, by policy, Malik’s open, PUBLIC jihad zealotry on social media).  No, it’s the fact that they can’t hack an iPhone that caused the deaths in San Bernardino.  The Obama Regime has finally found a part of the War on Terror it wants to fight.  Not because it wants to stop islamists, but because it’s POLITICAL ENEMIES might have bad stuff about it on their phones.

Bruce Sewell, Apple’s chief counsel, said the company was “in an arms race with criminals, cyberterrorists and hackers”.

“There is probably more information stored on that iPhone than a thief could steal by breaking into your house,” he said. “The only way we know to protect that data is through strong encryption.”

He also angrily rebutted the FBI’s claim that stronger encryption on iPhones was part of a marketing strategy, a suggestion he said “makes my blood boil”.

The fact that the Government is openly contemptuous of the RIGHT of a company to market a feature such as this should serve as a warning.  We aren’t one step away from a Tyranny.  We are LIVING IN A TYRANNY.  Apple has an absolute right to refuse service to anyone they don’t want to labor for, to NOT produce a product they do not want to.  The Government has no authority to require any such thing.  If they wanted to have that power, they need a Constitutional Amendment.  What is at issue here is not the data on this phone.  The government is using the fact that the American People want terrorists caught AGAINST the American People.  What the government wants is the total elimination of privacy.

Not only that, but when the GOVERNMENT SCREWS UP (as in this case of resetting the iCloud password) private industry has to fix it’s boo-boo, or else.


Written by Constantine XI

Born in Ashland, KY 1972.


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