Open Debate thread: Taxmageddon?

By now you’ve all heard about Romney’s attack on Trump vis-a-vis his tax returns a’la Harry Reid.  And Trump’s predictable, yet always entertaining response.  Apparently Mitt thinks this is a good tactic since it worked on him four years ago.  Ah, how quickly the GOP establishment types surrender to the temptation of using the Alinsky tactics of the left.  And isn’t this really an attack from the left, anyway?  Any good little Russki knows that painting rich folk as evil thieves is a great way to stir up the masses, right Comrade Mitt?  Jeez, I actually showed up at the polls for this guy.

Hokay.  Onward to the debate.

Rubio and Cruz are jockeying for the coveted second place position in this race.  Expect them to go at each other rather hard.  At this point, it’s actually rather baffling why they haven’t teamed up against Trump, but maybe that can be accounted for by the literal ineffectiveness of absolutely every attack on Trump thus far.  So if we take that to its logical conclusion, aren’t they really just fighting to see who gets to be in President Trump’s cabinet?  After all, Trump leads in 9 of 12 states going into  Super Tuesday, and he and Cruz, at least according to one poll, are in a dead heat in Texas.  And Texas is a proportional state.  Additionally, although Cruz might stick around in the Senate, Rubio has demonstrated a dislike of his job, at least if you equate his attendance record with his level of regard.

Still, we know that the mods will try to gin up the crowd, which will undoubtedly be loaded with all kinds of donors and fatcats, so look for this sage, august affair to become unwatchable in a hurry.  Nothing says “eleventh commandment” like GOPe special interest suits hurling catcalls on national TV.  Or at least, national cable.  Well, it’s CNN, so their ratings will be boosted as long as Trump shows up.  Right, Megyn?

Kasich will continue his ‘above the fray’ style, at least that’s what he’s been doing after his millions in anti-Trump ads failed, but you aren’t supposed to remember that.  Carson will try to keep his eyes open and will deliver his trademark witticism about finally being included in the debate.  Oh, victim cards, how quaint.

Trump, having won decisively in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, will shift gears and not attack anybody.  Well, he might take a shot at Hillary, but let’s face it: At this point, it’s his race to lose, and he’s prepped and primed to start looking and acting Presidential, right on schedule.  At least, if what he told Chris Wallace last Sunday is true, when he said he would do that “soon.”  Cue media frenzy.  Nobody trolls the journos like the Donald.

Look for Trump to focus on broad themes and a bold vision for the country instead of going after any particular candidate too much.


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