Apple: FBI Screwed Up

Why Am I not surprised that this issue is being forced into litigation because of yet another incompetent Government IT employee?

Changing the iCloud password took the automatic backup off of Apple’s servers, which could have been retrieved, leaving the government with cracking the encryption itself their only option.  Or was it a mistake made on purpose?  There probably isn’t anything on this phone of any importance (this is the one phone that Farook didn’t DESTROY).  But this case seems aimed at strong arming through the courts what the Government cannot get through legislation:  A backdoor in security.  A backdoor that any slobbering idiot in Government IT can break into will be a backdoor that 16 year old hackers will be able to break quicker than they get off to Justin Bieber.

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Here’s more from BuzzFeed News:

The executives said the company had been in regular discussions with the government since early January, and that it proposed four different ways to recover the information the government is interested in without building a back door. One of those methods would have involved connecting the phone to a known wifi network.

Apple sent engineers to try that method, the executives said, but the experts were unable to do it. It was then that they discovered that the Apple ID password associated with the phone had been changed.

So, for government incompetence, Apple should be FORCED against it’s will to compromise it’s software and hardware?  Is there no such thing as government accountability?  Sorry for making you laugh…  OF COURSE there is no such thing.  And the government doesn’t get to cover up for it’s own mistakes by infringing on others.


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